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Smart Home

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At HSBC, we understand that buying a home is a long-term financial commitment. Smart Home is a simple way to use your savings smartly, by letting you decide how much interest to pay.


With every Smart Home, you get a current account. All you need to do is put your usual savings, from other accounts, into the Smart Home account. Depending on the savings you put into the Smart Home account, you can reduce the quantum of interest paid by up to 50%.


Exclusive Smart Home banking privileges for you

You can even use the Smart Home account as your main bank account for depositing and withdrawing money.

Along with your Smart Home, get access to an HSBC POWERVANTAGE account, with the following benefits:

  • Free access to 15,000 VISA ATMs across India, with your PowerVantage debit card +
  • Free Cheque payable at par facility
  • Dedicated service desks and counters at branches
  • Financial Planning services to help you plan your financial goals


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